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Public Administration: Administrative Discretion Essay

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Administrative Discretion
Administrative Discretion
Mike Cummings
Grantham University

Administrative Discretion

In the military the commander receives the mission and then provides his intent about completing the mission. The military personnel under his command develop courses of action for his review advising him how to legally conquer the mission. Once the commander chooses a course of action the staff begins to execute the mission. Commanders within the chain of command can use their discretion to meet the objectives of the higher command but must do it in accordance with current military regulations and the laws of the United States.
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The verbiage of IRC 501c4 requires civic organizations described in that section to be "operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare". The Treasury Department’s regulations interpreting this law apply a different standard. The verbiage is that the organization is operated primarily for promotion of social welfare. Conflicting rules have resulted in the IRS permitting, these organizations described in IRC 501c4 to participate in political campaign activities and lobbying if these activities are not the organization's primary activity. Instead of working for clarification of the law and difference in the verbiage, IRS employees used discretion in the application of this section. The use of discretion was also used in the determination of how to target certain types of groups thus allowing for discrimination in the application of the law.
Another headline currently in the news is the surveillance of phone calls of all Verizon’s customers. The constitution protects our privacy and we are also supposedly presumed to be innocent. Members of congress that voted...

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