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#1 Health perception – health management pattern * | Strength | PotentialNeed | Problem | Comments |
1. Environment 2. Residential space 3. Commercial space 4. Industrial space 5. Health Agencies and personnel 6. Methods of health care financing (Private pay, health insurance, HMO, Medicaid, Medicare, Worker’s compensation 7. Prevalent diseases and conditions 8. Welfare | | XXX | XXXXX | XX Valley is located in northwest XX. The environment consists of scrub desert. There is a potential for problems associated with dehydration while indoors and outdoors year round due to the climate, and many community ...view middle of the document...

All other industrial outlets are not within census tract 4419.XX Valley has no medical resources located within the census tract. The closest healthcare facility is XX Health Center, which is approximately 8 miles from the community. The XX Valley fire department acts as the primary care provider for many residents within the community. There are 13 primary care providers in the town of XX, 10 nurse practitioners, 179 registered nurses, and 1,786 resident primary care providers. The fire department life flights an average of 5 people per month out of this community to local Tucson hospitals. The closest hospital is Northwest hospital located approximately 20 miles from the community. For trauma and pediatric serves the community must travel to University Medical Center located approximately 30 miles or Tucson Medical Center located 36 miles from the community.Health care financing is a major concern for the XX Valley community 13.1% of the population uses AHCCCS. Another 9% use Medicare. The remaining 80 % of the population; there is no statistical data distinguishing percentages of those with private insurance or no medical insurance coverage for the XX Valley community.The XX Valley community has many identifiable diseases and health risks including cardiovascular disease, cancer, COPD, and substance abuse, which have been identified through informant interviews with the XX Valley fire department, in contrast from statistical data. The estimated average income of XX Valley residents is less and $50,000 a year, and is less that the state average for annual income. 5.2% of the residents have an income below 50% of poverty level. 11.7% of the residents have income below poverty level, compared to 14.2% for the state of Arizona. Children below poverty level make up14% of the poverty population and high school graduates make up 17.4% of residents living at the poverty level. 35.8% of non high school graduates live at the poverty level in the XX Valley community. |

#2 Nutrition/Metabolic Pattern* | Strength | PotentialNeed | Problem | Comments |
1. Water presence, prevalence and influence 2. Food supply 3. Natural resources | X | X | X | XX valley is a rural community West of the Town of XX. XX Valley residents use community wells for their water, which is sufficient for this area. Tucson Water produced groundwater from aquifers located in the Tucson Basin and in XX Valley. XX Valley is one of five major well fields from which water is produced. There are several washes that flow through the census tract, which could elevate the potential for flooding if heavy rains were to occur. Accessibility to food is a major problem within this census tract. The closest supermarket is approximately 15.81 miles away. The community has three convenience stores were some grocery items may be purchased. There is a local food bank, but it is not within the census tract. The elementary school provides breakfast for every student, and...

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