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Public Heatlh Essay

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What else can be done to inform women about the risks of abortion?
It is easy to inform women who live in a advanced first world country about the risks of abortion. They have easy access to technology and they are more likely to have good education. To teach women of a third world country about the risks will be a lot harder. The is a chance of a language barrier. They might mot speak englisg very well. Also it is hard for access to contraceptives. Abortions are done illegaly and in very bad medical conditionsThere are many physical complications of abortion. Death, women who abort are four times more likely to die in the following year than women who carry their pragnancies to term. Cervical,ovarian and liver cancer, women with abortion face a higher risk of getting cervical cancer than women with no history of abortion. Uterine perforation and cervical lacerations,the list keeps going. This ...view middle of the document...

They have abortions under illegal,unsafe conditions that often result in terrible tragedy. The law can be implied by reduce public funding,increasing the cost with unnecessary clinic regulations, decreasing the number of available doctors and clinics,imposing waiting periods.Making abortion illegal means making the procedure more costly,more risky, and more emotionally and morally challenging.

There is also another approach and that is to make it legal and less necessary.
Making abortion less necessary is by far the better approach. The first way to do so is to reduce the incidence of unintended pregnancy. Half of all pregnancies are unintended and it is usually those that end in abortion. These unintended pregnancies could be reduced significantly if we showed true commitment to it. Educate people about sex and give them medically accurate information about abstinence and contraception. Public funding for family planning services. A great increase and easy access to emergency contraception. Programs that curb violence in homes and sexual abuse. A clear fact is that women who can avoid unintended pregnancy do not have to make the difficult decision whether to have an abortion. I think implying the law has negative long term effects because once ot is legal people will consider it an easy option not to raise a child. The negative effectos of abortion would increase because the procedure will be done more regularly.

Is this an effective method to reduce abortions?
It is hard to say that there is an effective way to reduce abortions because there is no limit to what is effective. For instance is effective less abortions or no abortions. If It is not legal then people continue to have unsafe aboritons. An effective way is to educate children in school and teach them at an early age. Is this law imposing on individuals’ constitutional right? Yes because according to the constitution you are free to believe in what you want,Religious freedom. I personaly am against the law, but according to the constitution. Do women have constitutional right as individuals to terminate their pregnancies?

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