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Public Or Private School Essay

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In Japan, a lot of mothers are worried about their children’s futures after graduating. “Which is better for our children, public school or private school? I have no idea.” The reason why mothers worry about it is that both public and private school have good points. I think public school is better than private school simply because the former requires less money. However, some people claim that private school is better. What are the differences between them and which type of school is better?

First, I will compare them regarding facilities including buildings and equipment. Both private school and public school have school buildings, library, cafeteria, personal computer rooms, printers, and projectors. However, private schools have more advanced facilities than public school do simply because they have a lot of money. For example, in Meiji University which ...view middle of the document...

My friend in Tokyo University, which is a public school says “In the cafeteria, the meal is good for students in that the cost is low and the volume is large. Additionally, the library is very quiet in order to concentrate on studying.” The important thing is whether students use facilities properly or not. Therefore, I recommend public school in relation to facilities.

Second, the quality of classes, which I think is the mothers’ concern. Both schools have a similar system where one teacher and some students are in one class. Private schools cannot help adopting a system of large class education, because they have many students. Takimoto Tetuji who is a specialist in education claims that the system is bad for students in the quality of class. For example, under the system, students may fall asleep, play with their smartphone, and talk with friends, because they feel they are not seen by the teacher. On the other hand, most public schools adopt a system of small class education, which allows students to concentrate, because the teacher can monitor students. As a consequence, the system leads to high quality classes. It is clear which school is better in this regard.

Third, the cost I want to push the most. Both schools have the cost of textbooks, entrance fee, maintenance of buildings, and class resources. I have to pay a lot of money for private school. In Meiji University, about four million yen is needed through four years. On the other hand, only about two million yen is needed in Tokyo University. It is about half the cost. Everyone can understand easily which university is better for the budget.

In conclusion, we can use facilities properly, take high quality classes and pay less money in public schools over private schools. Public school is a good choice after graduation. I say strongly to mothers in Japan, “Public school is good for your children and you.” Based on the factors above, I will have my children go to public school in the future.

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