Public Relation Essay

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questionOCTOBER 2009 PART C

In order to be able to persuade public effectively, public relations practitioner should be
knowledgeable on the factors of persuasive communication.

a) List down three (3) uses of persuasion in public relations.(3 marks)

Use to charge or neutralise hostile opinions
Crystallise latent opinions and positive attitudes
Conserve favourable opinions

b) There are six (6) factors involved in persuasive communication. Briefly explain on
each.(12 marks)

i) Audience analysis
-the knowledge of group attitudes and beliefs is an essential part of persuasion because it helps the communicator to tailor messages to group beliefs.

ii) Source ...view middle of the document...

-To determine priorities and work within the budget and resources provided, for example a small budget for research means smaller samples.
-To reduce media cost, for example advertisements for business people should be advertised in trade media.
-To prepare messages in a form that is acceptable, for example stickers for motorists.

What are the ways in which public opinion can be monitored?(5 marks)

-Personal contacts : friends, business associates, consultants, opinion leaders, customers, and employees.

-Media reports: news stories or letters to editors.

-Field reports: questions, inquiries, complaints, suggestions and compliment expressed by salespeople and customers.

-Advisory committees: citizen committees to provide feedback on proposed policies and ideas.

-Staff meetings: an opportunityto share knowledge gleaned from experience and informal research.


a) Why is it important that Public Relations practitioners identify opinion leaders?

They derive large amounts of information from the mass media and other sources.
They share that information with people in adjoining circle who are labelled the “attentive public”
These later are interested in the issue but rely on opinion leaders to provide information and interpretation


List five (5) different audiences of financial public relations.(5 marks)


Explain a need to identify publics and to determine their nature as suggested by the Grunig's
Situational Theory of Publics.(5 marks)

-To determine relevant public relations programes, for example youth programes for the youth.
-To determine priorities and work within the budget and resources provided, for example a small budget for research means smaller samples.
-To reduce media cost,...

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