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Public Relations Essay

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Public Relations



1. Mix of media used to implement public relations campaign
There are three main mixes of media that were used in the implementation of the public relations campaign. One of these is the use of television. Today, almost all homes in the country own a television set. It is therefore a very effective method of implementing a public relations campaign. The public relations campaign on television needed especially to be done during prime time (Zhang, 2013, p. 1323). During this period, there are numerous people who are watching television. It is therefore very easy for the organization to reach numerous people. This also helped to show the ...view middle of the document...

Use of social media easily helped to reach them. This social mix can be very instrumental in generating positive publicity (Goodman, 2008, p. 33).
The use of media was very helpful in ensuring that the Susan Komen Foundation public relations was a success. The organization can also consider making use of community relations to generate positive publicity.
2. How to take advantage of community relations to generate positive publicity
Community relations greatly help an organization in generating positive publicity. Community relations includes the activities that organizations engage in so as to establish and maintain a relationship that has mutual benefit with the community in which it has its operations. In doing this, an organization stands to benefit a great deal (Ajith, 2014, p. 46).
A community relations program has gone a long way in ensuring that an organization cements its position as a good community citizen. This is achieved when an organization engages and supports activities that help in improving the quality of life in the community. Such of the activities that constitute community relation include restoration, recycling, beautification, clean-up, environmental programs, employment as well as prevention of crime. An organization that engages in these activities is seen as one that cares for the welfare of the community. People will hence want to be associated with it. This hence greatly helps such a firm in generating positive publicity. Moreover, through community relations, organizations are able to cement their position in the community. It is able to gain financing since people will want to be associated with it more. Moreover, during the time of crisis, such an organization will be at a good position to get help from the community. This is because the organization has engaged in activities that make the members of the community feel that the firm is part of them (Goodman, 2008, p. 42).
Taking advantage of the community relation is achieved through ensuring that the organization does the good deeds at all times. It should shun conducting activities that might offend the community. In doing this, it will be able to gain positive publicity (Ajith, 2014, p. 48).
Apart from the community, the Susan Komen Foundation can also make use of government relations tactics as part of public relations campaign.
3. Government relations tactics that needed to be used as part of public relations campaign
There were government relations techniques that needs to be used a part of the public relations techniques. By definition, government relations involve applying one or more techniques of communication by institutions and individuals in order to ensure that the decisions of the government have been put into effect. Some of the techniques that were used as part of the public relations techniques are discussed below. One of these is alliance with other groups. It is always very important to realize that an organization cannot...

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