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Public Relations Writing Essay

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The International Federation of Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies were founded in 1919 and exist in practically every nation throughout the globe almost ninety years later.
With over ninety million volunteers to date, the Red Cross bands together aiding in the support and protection of human life and health. The effort they put into their missions and the manner in which they accomplish their goals, I feel, mark them as positive inspiration and an extremely effective communicator.
The organization began on a volunteer basis. Henry Dunant, after the battle of Solferino, rallied local residents to help care for the ill and wounded soldiers. Hundreds of women came to the rescue. The ...view middle of the document...

Another characteristic that lends itself to effective communication is the sincere and sympathetic nature of the message and the way in which it is delivered. Regardless of the institutional reputation of the Red Cross, there is no obligation or pressure from a higher power, micromanaging and forcing people to get the job done. Those involved are driven by free will and sympathy for their fellow man. They are modest about their efforts and aren’t looking for the spotlight, fame or even the pay. They stand up for those in the danger, rally to collect blood units and come together to gather nonperishable food for the hungry. In order to relate to those you are trying to communicate with you must be in sync with your norms and values. The Red Cross is modest in nature, perfectly molded to fit the ideal image of an ideal value or norm.
The spirit of the organization is unmatched. I do not mean the kind of spirit you hear from the sidelines of a football game but the pure essence and heart of an organization combined with the kind of passion for the cause that welcomes unforeseen obstacles and handles pessimistic nay-sayers with grace. It encourages people to keep their heads up when times get tough. This type of spirit evokes a need to help save the world and those that live there.
Lastly, the selfless identity of the organization....

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