Public Service Delivery System In Orissa: India

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Revenue and Disaster Management Department regulates the land and relief administration in the State of Orissa in India. In the process the department is involved in providing and improving the following public service delivery systems: -

1. Collection of Revenue –
Revenue collection in the State includes rent and cess, water rate, compulsory basic water rate, registration fees and stamp duties, conversion charges, premium for lease of land, penalties for encroachment, collection of certificate dues, and ...view middle of the document...

certificates, for effecting conversion and mutation etc) could be synchronized and collected in a single window at the respective Tehsil Offices. A system therefore, is required to be developed where the person required paying any revenue dues can apply online and is given an intimation to submit dues online. And finally he can deposit the dues online and obtain an authenticated receipt online. This will also reduce scope of corruption and revenue leakage.

2. Issue and correction of record of rights, certificates, documents, and mutation of deeds, effecting partition, and issue of land pass books:
At present a computer cell has been opened in each Tehsil in the State. Record-of-rights have been recorded in a computer database created village wise. Users are allowed to deposit prescribed fees and collect the computerized copies of record-of-rights from the computer cell of the Tehsil. One officer in the rank of Assistant Settlement Officer/Additional Tehsildar is kept in charge of the cell.
However, this does not fulfill the objective of either computerization of land records or providing online support to landholders. The desired system is that a land holder may be able to apply for issue and correction of record of rights, any of the certificates under Miscellaneous Certificates Rules, mutation and partition of records, land pass books etc online on payment of prescribed fees. He should be communicated online about the fate of his application, i.e, whether it is accepted or rejected, with reasons. Finally, he should be able to download copies of all documents, orders online and if required deposit any additional charges online.

Achieving the above target requires online linking of Registration Officer, Tehsil Office and also preferably the R.I office. Online linking of R.I offices may take some time taking into consideration the cost and creation of infrastructure involved. But linking of Registration offices and Tehsils may not be a major problem since Tehsils have been provided with basic infrastructure for computerization and this process in respect of Registration Offices is under progress.

3. Determination and payment of compensation for lands acquired under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894.

When land is acquired for any upcoming development project, the process involves determination and...

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