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Puerto Rico Essay

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Puerto Rico is a very distinct state. There are over 3,944,259 people living in Puerto Rico now (Paraphrased from People, 2010.) The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. Puerto Rico is well known for their environment, festivities, and culture. Puerto Rico’s sandy beaches, towering mountains, and “Off-Island” Islands are all tourist attractions. These are all things that people have grown to love about Puerto Rico. People also love the activities the state has. In this essay, you will learn about Puerto Rico’s well known features. No one can deny that “Three Kings Day” is a very festive activity. In Puerto Rico, children place boxes filled with grass or hay ...view middle of the document...

Other than beaches, Puerto Rico has forests. El Yunque rainforest is the only rainforest in the U.S., which means that there is only one in Puerto Rico. The El Yunque rainforest is a cool, mountainous, subtropical rainforest. People say that the El Yunque rainforest is said to be the best rainforest you can go to, considering that it is a nice gentle rainforest with no poisonous snakes. Some animals you may find in the Rainforest are Birds and Coquis. (Paraphrased from El Yunque Rain Forest in Puerto Rico, 2010) Puerto Rican culture is kind of hard to explain. Culture is the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc. Puerto Rico has many distinct characteristics that separate them from other cultures. In the early 18th century, In order to populate, Spaniards took Taino-Indian women as brides. Later on in time when work was need, Spaniards began to retrieve slaves from Africa, soon after Chinese immigrants were imported. Afterwards, Italian, French, German, and even Lebanese people began to come. When Spain lost control of Puerto Rico, people began to flee from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico. Many of these people were Cubans. This all made current Puerto Rico basically racial problem free. (Paraphrased from Culture of Puerto Rico, 2010)
In conclusion, you have learned about some of Puerto Rico’s well known features. Also, you have learned about the facts involved with the features. I hope you take away all of Puerto Rico’s beautiful landscape and its importance. I also hope you find Puerto Rico’s features interesting. After all this time, Puerto Rico...

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