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Pulp Fiction Journey And Redemption

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Ian Burke 9-23-96JOURNEY AND REDEMPTIONPulp Fiction StylePulp Fiction is like boot camp for the Marines. You come into it from your civilized life, they subject you to violent language until you're numb, they abuse you verbally and physically until all of your normal feelings and values are reduced to dust. Leaving you aware that you have changed, and able to describe the change, you find yourself questioning the person you were previously. First thing you know you're saluting. This story is a cleverly disorienting journey through a landscape of danger, shock, hilarity, and vibrant local color. Nothing is predictable or familiar within this irresistibly bizarre world. You do not merely enter ...view middle of the document...

Now he simply wants to leave his criminal lifestyle to ³walk the earth², and find his true self. Our story starts with the journey of the characters.The characters in this story are not simply black and white, from the moment you meet them you are drawn in and want to know more about them. The story's intrigue, that element that makes the viewer curious, draws the audience in. And the story's credibility, the consistency of the characters, holds the audience there, inside the movie. These characters appeal to the viewer because of the street-smart and logical thinking. The characters do not live in a nine to five world of average Joe's, but they still maintain complete believability. Most importantly each character preserves absolute independence of intention throughout the story. Each character has there own set of values and goals which only adds to the credibility of the characters. Also the characters can be seen as symbolic of the times, which is a credit to the actors. The actors in this story correctly articulate the values of today.The language of this story compliments its credibility because the language matches the characters. A basic strategy in the film is to use the language as humorous dialogue and to delay the suspense of a moment of violence. While the Uma Thurman character is dying on the floor, for example, Vincint (John Travolta) and Neil (Eric Stoltz) have a hysterical debate over how to use the hypodermic needle. The dialogue increases the suspense before the action.This strategy is set up in the opening shot, where Jules and Vincent have a long, funny discussion about foot massage while walking down a long hotel corridor. The shot is done in one unbroken take. They arrive in front of the door to the fatal apartment, decide it is not yet time to enter, and walk further down the hall to continue their discussion. But now the camera no longer joins them; it stays planted in front of the door, and pans to look at them, walking away. The visual language says that the apartment is the first priority; the camera seems almost impatient as the discussion continues, and the tension builds.No one can say for sure whether this story is driven by its plot or by its characters. Although there is great depth of character this story lends itself to be directed more by its plot. Because after several viewings the audience can start to see that is is not the characters that make the movie it is the odd situations that these vibrant characters are placed in that give real life to the story. The more you watch...

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