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Punctuality Essay

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Punctuality….we get nostalgic on this word and remember learning it sometime in the school days.But this word has a very strong connection with our life.Punctuality just does not mean being in time but being before time.
Success and punctuality go hand in hand.,People doing extremely well in all the fields have hugged punctuality in their lives.Abhijeet Choudhary-founder-Director of Swatantra Theatre Pune stresses on Punctuality and says that the key for success is not just talent but also being punctual is very important.He is one of those rare Theatre based directors who has directed Hindi feature Film. “Amitabh Bacchan is the greatest source of inspiration.During his initial years of ...view middle of the document...

This will surely help us save lot of energy and do lot of productive work.
Have you seen politicians coming for a programme?asks Choudhary” how many times you find them coming in time.The one who is busy is the most punctual and the one who is idle is the least punctual.This is very psychological.As there are further commitments you want to reach every meet in time and thus leave in time, if not we just tend to “spend “time
Love for work is reflected through Punctuality.Respect for peple is reflected through punctuality and most important of all ‘Punctuality means respecting the time or else a day will come when your time will never come.”quotes Choudhary.Waking up with sun is the best thing that we can do.Indian culture has always extended the importance of waking up early”Ramprahar” as they say.You try and do anything for a target you have placed.No doubt YOU WIN.Muslims start Azan at 4 am in the morning.Pujas should be performed before 8 in the morning.Its all there for a very practical reason.In the morning the environment is positive.There is lot of freshness and abundant oxygen in air.It is the time when the biggest energy ie sun is rising In this period the mind is full of Satva Guna and hence this is the best time for meditation and to acquire supreme knowledge and eternal happiness. As the mind is fresh, one can and should concentrate on meditation, prayers and studies.
Just give it try guys and girls you will feel very good to yourself and you wil start experiencing that things are tuning out very well.

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