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Purpose Of Education Essay

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Born in China, I lived with my uncle after my parents’ departing to U.S. when I was seven. Since my uncle was principal of an elementary school in China, I resided in the school as well. My view on education was greatly impacted by my family as my grandfather, a retired school teacher, constantly instilled the importance of education into me. He told me that people with better education could succeed with better chances in the future. That time I had some understanding that the purpose of education is to get people ready for their future.
Schools in China are much harder due to strict regulations and school system compare to these in America. Schools in China have national core curriculum system, so everyone studies same thing ...view middle of the document...

Moving to U.S. at the age of thirteen, I started to live with my parents. Family again has affected my values of education. My parents own a restaurant, so I go to restaurant everyday to help out. Since I stayed at home all the time when I was in China, I became accustomed to that kind of life style and stay in restaurant every day. In addition, American school also had huge impact on my definition of education. American school style is much different and easier compare to what I had in China. It was hard for me to adapt to new school system and language. Knowing that I just moved from different nation, teachers have helped me greatly to get accustomed to the school and understand English better. Because of the helps I received from teachers in America, I became aware that education also was about helping other people.
After entering high school, I soon figured out how to make good grades by paying attention in class, completing all assignments, and studying before tests and quizzes. Since I stay in my parents’ restaurant every day, I use that time to complete all school assignments, which further helps me to get good grades. As I get older, I start to care more about my future, and I gradually realize what my grandfather really meant when he told me the importance of education. Besides, working in restaurant all the time, my parents have constantly given me lecture on significance of getting good education. Having been helping my parents in the restaurant, I strongly understand how difficult it is to work in restaurant, which further helps me to realize the importance of getting good education. Therefore, now I value good education, which will enable me to success in the future.

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