Purpose Of Higher Education Essay

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Eric Cortez
Professor Christine Brandel
English 111-43
14 Feb, 2013
Informative Syntheses #1 (1,105)
An Investigation into the Purpose of Higher Education
Completing college is a significant accomplishment in a young adult’s life. More and more studies show whether or not college is worth the investment, the debt, and the promised career. Many professional educators and students are debating on the various costs and benefits of obtaining a college degree. Some might think that after completing college, it would land a great career and a prosperous life but that is not the case. As students are increasingly attending or entering college, it gradually gets stressful and mentally ...view middle of the document...

This quote indicates that to many young adults, the high expenses are worth the benefits of higher education. Although Hacker, Biberman, and Baum have different views regarding students attending college, they do agree that students can be more employable and better educated.
Debt is a major concern of students pursuing higher education, consequently making them reluctant to acquire loans to accommodate for the increasing tuition costs. For this reason there are more college student drop-outs than ever before. Biberman’s response to financial issues facing students is that colleges nowadays have little regulations when it comes to accepting applicants for enrollment. Students that have significantly lower grades, or that lack motivation to do well in school are being accepted into college. Biberman argues that this is due to the fact that colleges are cashing in on loan tuition with little regard to the negative effects it has on students who are drowning in major debt. Hackers view on the curriculum is that even though classes are voluntary, this privilege can cause some students to not attend classes, thus causing them to be unmotivated. For this reason financial aid is cutting back on the loans they lend out to students for not attending classes. Wolf argues that though both parties (the students and the government) are responsible to pay for school, the burden should fall heavier on the government to provide loans for students. She argues that the government should be more responsible for it so that students do not shy away from going to college in fear that they cannot repay it.
Though not directly stated in his article, Biberman’s economic view can be inferred. He argues that the benefits students could have received from taking on a full-time job after graduating are forgone once they are pressured by society to go to college. In other words, by students choosing to attend college, their opportunity cost (the next best alternative) would likely be to work cost-efficient full-time jobs, and to pursue their careers by climbing up the work-force. Biberman argues that young adults could utilize their resources more efficiently (such as time and money) for better opportunities, which would consequently increase the amount of people in the labor force, thus benefiting the economy. He argues that there are many jobs that do not require a college education which need to be fulfilled, and the amount of students reluctant to take those jobs would reduce if they had not wasted their...

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