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Pursue An Mba Essay

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Pursue an MBA Degree to Further My Career

In today’s Global Corporate World having an MBA Degree is extremely
beneficial not only to jump start a new career but to further a career. In two years or
less you can gain a lot of knowledge, skills, and techniques which would other wise take
many years of learning throughout your work experience.
An MBA Degree opens doors to larger opportunities in the corporate world. More
and more companies today prefer MBA graduates over undergraduate students.
According to GMAC’s Corporate Recruiters Survey (April, 2007), companies plan to
increase the number of new business-graduate hires by 18%. According to the
National Association ...view middle of the document...

Today pursing your MBA
Degree is a lot easier than what it used to be. Universities are offering evening and
weekend classes and also with online education it is easier to get your MBA degree while
still pursing your career at the same time.
Along with career advancement, an MBA Degree gives you the education for
becoming a better manager and leader. It teaches you a better understanding of business,
communication with others, decision making, working under pressure, etc. You work
towards the growth of the company. You not only receive from the company, but you can
give to the company by implementing your new ideas for example on how to lowers costs
and gain revenue, on better managing employees, how to work more with less, etc. You
can use your MBA Degree to benefit the company as well as yourself.
Another benefit of an MBA Degree is that you have the opportunity to meet the
leaders of the corporate world. Even studying under your MBA professors has a big
advantage. You get to work with very experienced people who can teach you a lot to
move ahead. They can guide you in the right path towards your success.
An MBA Degree also gives you personal satisfaction that you have achieved
something. That you have achieved one of the goals that you had set for yourself in life.
It is something to be proud of on a much more personal level. The MBA Degree
strengthens you as a person & broadens your mind and gives you a sense of self
confidence. “Personal growth in terms of increased self confidence, self esteem and
personal credibility taken from the MBA was highly valued. The analysis identified
several ways in which career confidence was manifest. For some, enhanced confidence
meant that they felt more comfortable and competent in their present role which was seen
as an internal indication of career success.” (Super, 1980)
“The development of increased career confidence was the most common way in
which the MBA was seen to relate to career success which often related to a feeling of
increased competence in the current role.” This is consistent with Sturges's (1999)
identification of “experts”. “Experts” were managers who described career success in
terms of achieving a high level of competency in their job, and being recognised for being
good at what they did. The value of increased self confidence taken from the MBA was
also suggested by Sturges et al. (2003) and Hilgert (1998) and these studies taken
together suggest that self confidence would...

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