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Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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Pursuit of Happiness
Stacy A. Figg
June 22, 2014
Christopher Crimson

Pursuit of Happiness

What does happiness mean? It depends on the person, the cultural influences, and the part of the world in which they live. It also depends on the traditions and the individual’s way of thinking.
For many, happiness can mean being loyal to their country, the ability to provide and contribute to their household. Others may be starting their lives and graduating from high school and going to college. There are many factors to how each person will influence and is influenced by those around them. In the United States we are taught about the American Dream. It’s the ...view middle of the document...

These ideas are seen more like daily routines, practices and social institutions and discourses that overall defines the social realities of the cultural context. People in the Asian culture are highly encouraged to fit and adjust themselves to the proper social relations. Though there is another ideal that in obtaining happiness, which is known as self-achievement in which the individual looks for their own happiness that is built up on internal attributes that motivated to look out for positive attributes that by time keep constructing itself. The idea of independence and autonomy is a strong belief. The individual is to believe that he/she is the center of action, thought, and motivation. Social relationships are very important though they are constructed according with the fundament on the independence of the individual. In other words, the person chooses their own social relations. This is usually not only practiced in Asia but also in the European-American culture.
The most distinctive contract between the traditional American perspective on happiness and the Asian perspective on happiness is individualistic culture or the collectivist culture. “Individualist cultures include the industrialized countries of North America (e.g., United States & Canada), Western Europe (e.g., England, Frances, Denmark, Netherlands), and countries reflecting on Western cultural traditions (e.g., Australia & New Zealand). The cultures share an...

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