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Qbt Task 5 Essay

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QBT Task 5 - WGU
"Educational Budget Cuts"

Educational budget cuts are becoming more prevalent. In turn, this is causing detrimental effects for students, teachers, parents and the community alike. A budget cut is when a school and/or district receives a certain budget that they must adhere to. They cannot go over this number. Budget cuts are becoming more strict and more money is needed to cut as times go on. Due to this happening, more important things are being cut and a lot more suffering is being seen.

Due to educational budget cuts, students are feeling the brunt of it and the quality of their education is greatly suffering. The average student is in school for six hours a day, ...view middle of the document...

Many students dread the idea of summer school because they would rather be home with their friends or due things to their liking. However, the fact that is being eliminated does still cause a major problem. Eliminating summer school and after school programs are only making it worse for students falling behind. If a student is falling behind and they cannot get the help they need with these programs, they will be forced to either stay behind or move forward. This can be incredibly detrimental for the student due to if they are forced to stay behind, it is very unmotivating and they will be embarrassed amongst their peers. If they are forced to move forward, it will be very overwhelming for them when they cannot keep up with the coursework amongst their peers. Either way, it is creating a vicious cycle that will be very hard to break. (Pennsylvania State Education Association, n.d.)

Additionally, major courses are being eliminated as well. This is a huge problem. Generally, the core curriculum involves Math, Science and Language Arts heavily. These courses are the standard and the major State exams rely upon them greatly. At some school districts, many of them are only being offered during certain parts of the Academic year. This is causing students to be held back, or be in extremely overcrowded classes, neglecting to get the time and attention they need to learn properly. (Hinds, 2012)

Electives are taking a hit as well. Electives are classes that allow students to express and expand their individuality. “Schools facing budget cuts typically begin cutting their electives and either moving teachers to core subjects or eliminating their positions entirely. Students are given less choice and teachers are either moved around or stuck teaching subjects they are not ready to teach.” (Kelly, n.d.) By cutting electives, it is very upsetting to the students as they are typically classes they enjoy and look forward to. In addition, it can be a negative thing to have teachers teaching a subject when they are not ready to do so. This situation can greatly affect the quality of education for student. (Kelly, n.d.)

College is something that is being highly stressed for current generations. Due to the economy and people needing college credits to pursue a lot of careers, a lot of people are enrolled in colleges either as part-time or full-time students. For a lot of students, financial aid is a necessary evil. A lot of students rely on financial aid in order to continue being enrolled in college. Many students rely on either Pell Grants and/or Stafford loans in order to be able to afford their education. With educational budget cuts, these resources are expected to be cut drastically. “The plan proposed by Ryan (R-Wis), who chairs the House Budget Committee, would chop away at Pell grant eligibility, thereby reducing total Pell grants by about $170 billion over the next decade; allow the interest rate for federally subsidized Stafford loans to...

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