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D1 – Qualitative and quantitative
What is qualitative?
Qualitative is represented as judgment quality of something for example colour and appearance. When checking the quality of something you don’t need to measure and weight of it, so numbers are not required to identify the substances.
What is quantitative?
Quantitative is checking the quantity of something such as the weight, mass and area to ensure to ensure accuracy of that specific substance. By doing this you would know the exact amount/ weight of the substance or equipment that you are using.
The titration that we carried out was both qualitative and quantitative. For example when we made the standard solution for ...view middle of the document...

I can use quantitative technique to make my results accurate by ensuring that when I read the amount of acid present in the burette each time, I have my eye levelled with the line the acid it up to.
Cations and anions:
The experiment that we carried out for cations and anions was qualitative because we did not measure any of the substances that we were using. When we were testing for the powders, we were checking for the quality of the solution to recognise if it was cation or anion. We recognised the quality of the solutions by checking that the solution gives off gas, checking the appearance of the solution and also checking the colour of it for example when we were using the litmus paper we checked the colour of what it has turns into. Cations also involved the technique of quality when we had to check if the precipitate was formed in the solution or not.
Qualitative and quantitative comparison:
In cation and anions I did not use any technique that involved quantity because all was based on the quality as it was most important to determine conclusion. However to improve my accuracy of the results I can use quantitative technique by measuring the solution and powders to react them together, when drawing results to determine the different cations and anion of the substances.
How I can make improvement for future:
I can make improvements for future by repeating each experiment twice to see if I get the same result. I can also use quantitative technique as well for example I can measure the substances and solutions to improve the results, that way I can reduce the risk of adding too much powder substance in the solution and determining it wrong.
Food testing:
The experiment of the food testing was qualitative because we did not measure any of the substances that we added in the food. We used the iodine to see if it changes colour when we were testing for the starch, and we did the same with the testing of the protein for...

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