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Qualitative Article Review:

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In this article, Assistive Devices for Children with Functional Impairments: Impact on Child and Caregiver Function, the authors, Stacey Henderson, Heather Skelton and Peter Rosenbaum, aim to determine the impact of assistive devices on the components of functioning as defined by the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). The ICF is both a model for considering functioning and a classification system to describe health status. It defines health as the result of a dynamic interaction between a person’s domains (Body Structure and Function, Activity, and Participation) ...view middle of the document...

If concerns arose about the appropriateness of a study it was read by both lead authors and discussed until consensus was reached. Early in the review process, five studies were selected which represented a variety of designs and interventions; these were read and summarized by both reviewers. Results were compared and discrepancies discussed until consensus was reached. This activity was repeated late in the review process to ensure consistency was being maintained. No consequential discrepancy was found in the data extracted. Study design was also considered in determining inclusion for this review: only primary research was included, reporting studies published in a peer reviewed journal.
The child-focused outcomes, mainly classified under the categories of activity, participation, and personal factors, were overwhelmingly positive with few undesirable outcomes reported. Results of this study show a strongly positive impact of assistive devices, suggesting that providing them to children with functional impairments can be an important intervention strategy.
Critical Analysis
Results of this study show a strongly positive impact of assistive devices, suggesting that providing them to children with functional impairments can be an important intervention strategy. However, the outcome did not show the devices effect on speech for the users. It did not show whether the use of the devices hindered verbal communication in the children. I think that is an opportunity for further research. The effect of assistive devices on verbal communication for children who have some language and for those who have none should be studied. This study was useful in identifying the breadth of the literature but limits the ability to translate results into specific practice recommendations. There was often uncertainty about the psychometric properties of the outcome measures, leaving open to question the validity of the findings, or how the studies might be replicated. These observations point to the continuing need for valid and reliable standardized measures of these outcomes.
Results of this study show a strongly positive impact of assistive devices, suggesting that providing them to children with functional impairments can be an important intervention strategy.
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