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Quality Assurance Essay

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How to entertain the call in a proper manner

Opening greeting

AOA, PTCL Directory Service, How may I help you?

Proper Scripting:

How to tackle the customers on the call

After opening greeting CSR has to acknowledge the customer by saying.


For Example: Agar customer ko Habib bank ka number darker he tau us se pooche kay

“Sir kya me Jan sakta /sakti hoon he aap ko kis branch ka number darker hay”. If the customer wants any particular branch and CSR has to ask which particular position / designation number you want.

If the number is available of the desired requirement of the customer then CSR has to convey the information in this format “Sir Number note farmayeh” and if the number ...view middle of the document...

Finding & identification:

If the number is not search by the CSR then agent has to ask the following particulars.

â–ª Search through Address

â–ª Search through Designation

â–ª Search through Related Department

Call holding procedure:

In English: 
Sir/Ma'am Can you please hold for a While? Or would you like to hold for a while 
If Customer agrees then say Thank You 
Then Put them on Hold 
After Un holding the customer: Thank you for holding Sir/Ma'am or Thank you for being on the line
In Urdu: 
Sir  kya app hold kerna pasand farmaye gay or Sir kya app Intezar kerna pasand fermaye gay or Bara-e-Meharbani Hold Farmaye/Kijiye or Sir kya app mere sath Online Rehna Pasand farmaye gay or Please Hold Farmaye/Kijiye ga
If Customer agrees then say Shukriya 
Then Put them on Hold 
After Un holding: Hold Kerne ka Shukriya Sir/Ma'am or Sir Intezar kerne ka Shukeriya or Sir mere saath Online Rehne Ka Shukeriya

For hyper customers:

If the customer is so much due to our services then CSR has to use magical words like “Sorry”, “I really apologize” etc.

Sir me bahut mazrat khawa hoon k aap ko itni pareshani ka samna karna parha, main aap ko doosra number Farham ker deta hoon/deti hoon

Chance to value added:

If the number is conveying through IVR then CSR has to inform the customer that the number is provided by the recording. If there is some extension then CSR also inform the customer that the number has following lines.

Closing greeting:

In Urdu:

PTCL Call kerna ka Shukeriya Allah Hafiz

In English:

Thank you for calling PTCL Allah hafiz

If the conversation was in English then greeting should be in English or vice versa.

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