Quality Control Essay

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Quality Control Evaluation Mechanisms for Information Systems Projects

Table of Contents
Abstract 1
Introduction 1
Company Overview 2
Description of Information System Project Portfolio 2
Scope of Services for IS Projects and Quality Requirements 2
Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). 2
Federal Emergency Management Agency. 3
Analysis of Existing Internal Quality Controls 4
Why control and evaluation mechanisms are critical for maintaining quality 5
Identify recommendations to increase effectiveness of the controls 6
Organizational Weakness and Risk in Quality Management 7
Audit and Observation 7
Audit Procedures 8
Findings from Audit and Observation. 9
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The research will also focus on a portfolio of completed Information Systems projects, and the methods used for each of the projects to monitor and control quality.
The response will address the importance of control and evaluation mechanisms for maintaining quality, methods for evaluation, organizational weakness and risk in Quality Management. The problem identification section will be followed by recommendations to increase the effectiveness of evaluation of Quality Control Systems for IS Projects.

Company Overview
JDW Group is a woman owned small business founded in 2009, that has helped government agencies, and commercial businesses, make the most out of their Information Technology and Operational presence. JDW Group’s core competencies include Information Technology Enterprise Architecture support, Program Management, Office Support, Infrastructure and Operational support, contract Administration, GSA Schedule development and administration, Proposal and Capture Management, Pricing, and Cost Benefit Analysis.
JDW Group personnel have supported the Maryland Procurement Office (MPO) supporting programs within the Intelligence Community (IC), Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), US Air Force, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Description of Information System Project Portfolio
JDW Group has support four Information Technology programs supporting the Federal aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of the Air Force, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTA). For the purpose of this paper we will focus on the FAA and FEMA contracts
Scope of Services for IS Projects and Quality Requirements
Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). JDW Group offers the FAA customer high degree of customer service that is based in a systems-oriented and adaptive quality framework (QF).
JDW Group’s culture encourages joint employee accountability for ongoing improvement, increased productivity. JDW Group’s Quality Assurance (QA) team is engaged at the beginning of the project for both the FAA and FEMA efforts. The entire project team (FAA and FEMA) including QA all help develop the project plan and provide input into the team schedule to ensure that QA activities planned and scheduled into the project.
To support the FAA and FEMA program execution, JDW Group defined what we would measure and who would be assigned to conduct the surveillance. Data was collected and analyzed and corrective actions implemented to address any deviations. Under this desktop support contract for FAA, the Desktop Support Operations Manager is responsible for conducting or assigning the responsibility to conduct quality assurance audits and reviewed progress and task-specific deliverables.
Federal Emergency Management Agency. JDW provides Enterprise Architecture support to the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) for FEMA. We...

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