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Quality Data Collection Essay

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Quality Data Collection
Grace C. Turne
March 26, 2012
Ismael Caicedo

Quality Data Collection
Quality data collection plays an integral part in quality improvement. In order to measure performance, quality data must be gathered by the use of data collection tools that must be implemented. Nurses Just for Kids a pediatric specific home care agency specializing in the care of medically fragile children must develop a QI plan that best suits them by choosing data collection tools that based on potential improvement areas that they plan to tackle. The paper will discuss potential improvements, data needed to monitor for improvement in performance areas, data collection tools ...view middle of the document...

15). Data plays an important part in the quality n improvement processes of organizations in health care around the world (IPRO, n.d.). Data needs to be always collected in a standardized way for the information to be valid because errors may occur that affect quality improvement endeavors (IPRO, n.d.). Ransom, Joshi, Nash, & Ransom (2008) mentioned that data collected for quality improvement is not advisable that the all data must be obtained only pertinent data that is required. Data needed to monitor for improvement in performance areas can be retrieved through many different ways. The different data collection tools include a review of medical records, patient satisfaction surveys, functional status surveys health plan databases, administrative databases, and patient registries as well as many more (Ransom et al, 2008). Nurses Just for kids can utilize health plan database, medical records review, functional status surveys, and patient registries for data needed for quality improvement plans in the ventilator associated pneumonia. The medical records review will provide valuable data on causes of the pneumonia when the pediatric client’s was in the hospital. Health plan databases provide data on how the care was managed for patients by providers (Ransom et al, 2008). This information could be helpful when needing data to help with quality improvement efforts since it can be used to develop quality indicators for the qi plan. Functional status surveys can provide data on how life should be for the patient as far as quality (Ransom et al, 2008). A functional status survey could be done on the quality of life for a pediatric client with pneumonia. “Patient registries are versatile and flexible because just about any reliable data source or collection methodology can be used to populate the registry, including administrative data, outbound call centers, prospective data collection, retrospective chart review, and a variety of survey instruments, particularly for patient satisfaction and functional status” (Ransom et al, 2008, p. 121). Patient registries provide a wealth of information that is specific to a specialty or particular medical procedure (Ransom et al, 2008). The information gathered from this area can also be used to strengthen plans for quality improvement for pneumonia in pediatric clients because the information will be specific to the pediatric population which can be different the care we give them, they are special little people. Data gathered for the qi plans for employee back injuries would entail a survey or interview with the employees who had injured their back from the two of the clients we service and then plans can discussed on ways we can prevent this from happening in the future.
Data collection tools used to collect performance information
There are a various array of tools available to collect performance information such as dashboards and scoreboards. Balanced scoreboards are a valuable tools that is...

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