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Quality Function Deployment Essay

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Quality Function Deployment of Custom Orientation Stabilization Integrated Systems

September 23, 2012

Scott Jaster
ENM5100 Quality Engineering
Florida Institute of Technology

The purpose of this paper is to present a description of the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) process with respect to the development of an alternative means of multi-axis orientation stabilization. The intention is to discuss the quality control process of choosing the "best" components for the system, and meeting customer requirements before, during, and after product delivery. There will be an exploration of the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) process that pertains to the systems integration ...view middle of the document...

Various means of delivering an end-product to the customer exist, some more or less efficient than others. The basic structure involves:
1. Determining customer needs, requirements, and desires, in a prioritized delineation such that these characteristics can be independently added or removed based on performance and cost analyses.
2. Analyze efficient means of integrating system components prior to committing to a manufacturing process.
3. Analyze the manufacturing process and capture data to assist with process improvement.
4. Deliver the product and verify customer satisfaction based on required specifications.

In the arena of Multi-axis Orientation Stabilization, this basic delivery structure can be used and expanded upon using development tools such as the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) process. QFD is defined as: “a system for translating consumer requirements into appropriate company requirements at each stage from research and development to engineering and manufacturing to marketing/sales and distribution”. (Madu, 2006) Regarding Orientation Stabilization Systems, it is more efficient and cost-effective to analyze, measure, and design an integrated system using Consumer Of The Shelf (COTS) components, that will stay within "variable" user-defined control limits of response time. “Response time” plainly refers to the response and sensitivity of the stabilization system’s inputs/outputs.

The front-end of the QFD process operates as such:
1. Gather the VOC
2. Analyze the VOC
3. Define Customer Prioritized Need
4. Validate Customer Needs
5. Begin the House of Quality (HOQ) work
(Ficalora, 2009)

Product Purpose and Environment
Presently, technology has allowed many film studios to steadily shoot scenes in the open water by means of some sort of horizontal planar stabilization system. The dynamics of water in the open ocean do not easily lend themselves to a stable surface for mounting a camera. Significant levels of pitch and roll are oftentimes prevalent and quite erratic. When filming in marine-based locations, this randomness of movement causes very unstable image reproduction for the end-viewer. This random movement about an axis is seen as a physical wobble that must be counteracted. The user requires that the motion of the camera (fixed or handheld) be free to be directed with any desired vector, without image-capturing degradation induced by these angular offsets.
Jody Dole, a professional marine photographer (see says: “The gyro is a cool and unique piece of gear, and worth twice the price,” says Dole. “I first started using it to minimize vibration and camera shake when shooting boats from helicopters. The force of the gyros spinning inside stabilizes the camera in a way that you have to feel to believe. It's like magic.” […Gyroscopic systems] are utilized by everyone from Hollywood producers to military pilots. (Sawalich, 2006)

There are two primary...

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