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Quality Management System Toyota Essay

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Quality and Systems Management
Toyota Motor Corporation
Operational management and its importance
Operational structure is combination of resources, system, processes and tools which together make the infrastructure of the organization and prepare the organization web.
Operational management is the monitoring control and formations by combining the tools of resources, processes, system in away, that it is prone to achieve the organizational objectives.
Operational management is the key performance indicator which needs to be addressed in the organization in appropriate way. So it is helpful and aiding feature towards the profitability and sustainability. Performance of operations are ...view middle of the document...

Toyota is operating under the objective of producing the products which are most cheap and perfect design but it comes with the very less cost.
Speed, can be referred as the delivery and production time organization production time will be enough to make a good and cost effective product and toyota will deliver their sale on time.
Flexibility: Flexibility of operations according to the product and operations is the heart of organization and must be capable to incorporate change in technology, systems and resources in it.
These all described operational objectives are supporting the Toyota’s Strategic objective of delivering the quality and cost value product to their customers on time. In other words a successful Operational management is key and primary performance indicator of the company.
Business Process
A business process is a practice of performing different actions by management, to meet the organization’s objective. As these processes earn income and spend costs, which results in profit or loss. In addition these activities are performed to improve and well quality products to its consumers. These actions are planned, and implemented in accordance with the organization’s policies and its written constitution.

Business process is an activity which is been supported by following three important components:
Resources are the combination of human resource, technical resources and financial, As Toyota is a production base company so here the material and technology matters a lot Toyota’s objective of quality is referred as the achievement by their skilled and innovative labored, Their Unique technology and their efficient used of financial resources.
Systems: Toyota has designed their systems in long ago and the have put the element of continuous improvement of the system as embedded part. This system ensure them to find the perfect assist to their objectives it is assumed that company is working in a well defined crystal clear and appropriate systems
Tools: Tools used are their defined policies, highly experience work force and well defined system is what is based of their operational management success

Toyota’s all business processes are linked by a corporate philosophy and unique production system, called Toyota Production System (TPS). Where they use their resources, tools and system by keeping in mind seven principles given below:
Product Quality
A person who is actually involved in production process, can understand product deficiencies , so if an organization want to improve its product quality then it needs to delegate the responsibility to worker to find out the product’s flaw, and if there are any, to get them correct from relevant person. In case, if problem is not solved, then employee can either stop production with a card that is called JIDOKA.

Upholding Equipment
In Toyota workers are given training to fix the basic problem of tools safeguarding. However, if some difficult issues arise, then people are...

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