Quality Of Care Essay

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Policy Topic Search and Selection (Quality of Care)
Maya Bynes
June 2, 2010
Instructor: Robbya Green-Weir

Quality of Care
In this paper I will define quality of care and provide information about the uninsured as it pertains to the quality of care.
Quality of care is effective and efficient services that are rendered to patients in the health care field. Quality can be in the form of patient safety, patient satisfaction and patient assurance. Quality of care includes training of health care personnel, improving delivery system processes, and attention to systemic level factors such as technology and medical records. Patient safety in health care is making sure that products are clean, safe to use and staff are using them correctly. Quality assurance in the health care field has intensified because of the concern that health care is costly, may sometimes be ...view middle of the document...

Some questions to ask are; Does your health care fits your needs and preferences, is your health care is given without unnecessary delays, and is your health care fair and not affected by such things as your gender, language, color, age or income. Quality of care is important to all patients but in recent studies uninsured people are more likely to receive poor care from health facilities. (Checkpoint, 2004)
Health care access for the poor and uninsured in the U.S. is an increasingly complex problem. From 2000 to 2005 the number of uninsured persons rose from 39.6 to 46.6 million while hundreds of hospital emergency rooms, the primary source of healthcare for many of the uninsured, were closed. The sorting of underinsured patients to lower quality physicians may occur at the physician level or at the hospital level. The reasons for physicians to discriminate against uninsured patients are widely known. Physicians receive payments from Medicare, Medicaid, and privately insured companies, yet payment from uninsured patients is not guaranteed. (Gardner and Vishwasrao, 2007)

So in my research I found that uninsured patients in the United States are not receiving quality care from physicians and some hospitals. As the problem continues we need to find more accessible health care for all and treat every with the same quality of care.
In conclusion I have defined quality of care in health care I also provided information about the uninsured as it pertains to the quality of care.


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