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Although aspects of quality in the manufacturing environment have been around from the early 1900s, what one has come to know about quality today is that it was achieved through a process of evolution or continual improvement. Quality has always been driven by what the consumer wants or needs, but that provides a wide berth of true meanings. This paper will review some of the meanings, elements of quality and one of the pioneers in this area.
As mentioned quality is based on one’s demands on the manufacturer or service provider that then takes into account the quality of the manufacturer’s employees, the processes to manufacture, and the environment in which products are produced. ...view middle of the document...

What Dr. Juran discovered is that there is more to quality than numbers; the human element of managerial perspective was needed to add a new dimension in the process unlike Deming, who focused on “criteria and that these criteria change continually” (Goetsch & Davis, 2010, p. 4).
Juran’s Three Basic Steps to Progress, Ten Steps to Quality, The Pareto Principle, and the Juran Trilogy were the highlights of Dr. Juran’s quality involvement to the field. Even in Dr. Juran’s opinion the three basic steps were “broad steps” (Goetsch & Davis, 2010, p. 17) and his Ten Steps overlapped “Deming’s Fourteen Points” (Goetsch & Davis, 2010, p. 17). Even the Pareto Principle goes by other names by other quality experts, but the Juran Trilogy explained the managerial functions in a specified method unlike others at that time.
The Juran Trilogy has three steps: quality planning, quality improvement, and quality control. The impact of this looks at the management ideas that planning involves identifying who the customers are as well as their needs so a product will be developed accordingly, improvement optimizes the process to produce the product, and control over the operating conditions translates to reduced inspections.
In 1979, the Juran Institute was established and is still in existence today. Based upon the...

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