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 A Critical Analysis of “quality time, redefined” by Alex Williams
In his New York Times article, “Quality Time Redefined” Alex Williams explores the effects of technology on our vision of quality family time. Williams builds a cogent case that both explore the alienating aspects of the “cyber-cocoon” and the ways in which brings the fortunate families together. He does so by exploring the impact of technology and its effects on the family life of few fortunate people, citing academic studies and the opinions of various subject matter experts but does not define what quality time means and tries to keep the argument with the examples of very few families. Williams manages ...view middle of the document...

Who is worried about the isolation that comes from constant use of digital media. She sees the connections between people as diminishing as they spend more time with their technological toys.
Williams argues about families being together by citing, Lutz Koepnick, a media professor at Washington University in St. Louis who says, "The transformation of the American living room into a multiscreen communication and entertainment hub” promises to “change our domestic sphere Individual family members might find themselves contently connected to parallel worlds almost all the time" (95)
Furthermore, Williams supports his argument in this large continent with the findings of studies like “2009 survey of 4000 people by a Canadian market research company indicating that people believe technology is bringing the family together, not pulling it apart by a substantial margin” (98). He reminds us that the proliferation of devices and media options makes it easier for family members to pursue their own individuality.
He strengthens his argument by referring to the...

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