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Quantitative Business Analysis

The following is the descriptive statistics for the Motion Picture Industry Case study. The data set provided was used to calculate the median, mean and mode for the gross opening weekend. On the first graph you can see that for the opening gross the graph is skewed to the right so the median is the best central tendency measure rather than using the mean. The median opening gross was 0.39, which means 50% of the opening gross values were less than 0.39 and 50% were above 0.39. The opening gross was 3.43, which indicates a right tail. The kurtosis of the opening gross was 13.81, which indicates a leptokurtic distribution. This skew can be seen on the ...view middle of the document...

The kurtosis of total gross was 12.32, which indicates a leptokurtic distribution.
The range of the total gross was 380.15, from 0.03 to 380.18. The standard deviation of total gross was 63.16 with the interquartile range would be needed to measure the variability. The interquartile range for the total gross was 47.03.
Next we look at the total gross outliers. Using the box-plot where the extreme values were Star Wars Episode 3 at 380.18, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at 287.18 War of the Worlds at 234.21, Wedding Crashers at 209.22, Batman Begins 205.28 and Mr. And Mrs. Smith 186.22. The values are less than Z score of -3 or larger than Z score of +3, which means they, are outliers. This data means that Star Wars Episode 3, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and War of the Worlds are outliers.
The number of theatres has a right tail so I used the median to calculate the tendencies. The median was 410, which again means that 50% of the theatres were less than 410 and the other 50% were greater than 410. The skew of the number of theatres was 0.56 and the kurtosis of the number of theatres was -1.35, which shows a platykurtic distribution. The range of the number of theatres was 3905, from 5 to 3910. The standard deviation of the number of theatres was calculated at 1378.69. The Interquartile range for the number of theatres was 2580.75. I found no data to support any of outliers for the number of theatre calculations.
The data for the weeks in the top 60 was skewed to the...

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