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Quantitative Research Essay

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Challenges of validity and reliability in research
Before recognizing the challenges associated with research it is important to define the characteristics of its validity and reliability. For the research to be considered valid the measurement process should have provided an answer to the research question formulated. In addition to validity, the research must also be reliable. The reliability of research addresses whether repeated measurements would provide consistent results under the same circumstances, over time (Handley, n.d., p. 1).
Research Question
The design of Team B research question was to determine how to improve the level of service to its cell phone customers regarding ...view middle of the document...

The survey method and measurements gathered information that was useful and could easily be repeated at a later time resulting in a reliable instrument. However, if the Team wished to receive more accurate results they may consider alterations to a few of the questions presented. For example, question five asked the respondent to rate whether his or her carrier offered plans within her or his budget. The question is certainly relative to the research question however, they should consider a follow-up nominal question regarding household income to determine if income levels determine plan satisfaction.
The statistical analysis of the data uses calculations designed to accept or reject a stated hypothesis. Team B used this analysis to determine what specific conclusions could be drawn from the data. Any repetition of this statistical analysis will result in no difference in the information therefore; it is reliable and valid to the research question.
Steps needed to minimize challenges
Although Verizon presented a survey that was both valid and reliable,...

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