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I feel that my style of leadership most fits the Quantum based theory. Definitely, I don’t favor the traditionalist concept. I see myself as a liaison between, coworkers, patients, family members, physicians and ancillary staff. I would like to always keep in mind, that the focus of our services is to provide quality, proficient healthcare. Thus I acknowledge that I must consult multidisciplinary teams ranging from radiologist, surgeons, physical therapist, to building rapports with immunologist and pulmonologists. I have learned to intertwine my primary focus of one-on-one patient care to being (unofficially) a social worker, financial counselor, educator, and even negotiator. Thus leading me to appreciate all disciples and know that there must be a continuum of communication and cooperation to reach the best outcome. I am a patient advocate, thus I must be a leader in assuring that optimum care ...view middle of the document...

It had nothing to do with achieving or provided holistic care as a whole, sometime we get stuck on “this is the way it has always been done”. I often battled administration because of the lack of work practices and ethics that I believed would deliver the best outcome involving patient care. I have felt stifled working under a Newtonian hierarchy in the past. Often feeling as if I were on an assembly line. I also have experienced the transitions of vertical to horizontal style of leadership with feelings of frustration from being told that “your voice matters and we hear your concerns”, “however a decision has been made”.

My vision for leadership in the future-
Leadership sometimes only consists of being a mediator during pangs of transition. An effective leader facilitates obtainable goals and interventions to achieve them. We must be sensitive enough to acknowledge the affects that change will have in today’s economic instability, healthcare reform, and advancing technology. As I have matured, I have learned to appreciate the financial and political aspects of healthcare. I have learned to be considerate of the issues of budget goals and cut backs, how it affects the workforce, and that on some level these issues ultimately affect everyday life for the clients and employees.
I firmly believe that leadership will continue to evolve around the circumstances at hand. I respectfully believe in authority; however I do feel that a collaboration of levels of structures is what makes any organization work. No entity can stand alone, not even with the hastily evolving development of technology today. I would like to see round tables of discussion as a platform for ideas, expressions of concerns and visualizations for common goals. Weekly we have selection committee to discuss the care plan and prognosis of deciding whether a patient is a candidate to receive an organ. This committee consists of members of different entities that discuss from there field of expertise. One decision is made. This is leadership at its best.

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