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(R)Evolutionary Beliefs Essay

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"We hold these truths to be self-evident,that all men are created equal, that theyare endowed by their creator with cer-tain inalienable rights..."Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence."Four score and seven years ago our fathers broughtforth on this continent, a new nation, conceived inliberty, and dedicated to the proposition that allmen are created equal. Now we are...testingwhether that nation, or any nation so conceived,can long endure."Abraham Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address.Not so many years ago, in a country so very near to where we are now, it would not have been necessary to defend the Founding Fathers on slavery. The men who made the American Revolution were deemed to ...view middle of the document...

I took my axe and chopped it." He was reputed to have thrown a silver dollar across the Potomac River as a young boy (a remarkable feat if you've ever seen where it supposedly happened).This approach essentially ignores many facts about our Founding Fathers, aspects of their character that unfortunately men today still share with them. They were flawed men, capable of dreaming and reaching in words and thoughts what they could not achieve in deed and action. Whatever may be said they were not ignorant, neither of the state of men's souls nor of the inconsistencies in the founding of America. Raised in the European Judeo-Christian tradition, they knew the tendency of all men towards selfishness and corruption. As James Madison said,"If men were angels, no government would be necessary." They also fully recognized that slavery was the one great flaw in the founding of America. John Adams observed, "The inconsistency of the institution of slavery with the principles of the Declaration of Independence was seen and lamented."Those were happy times, with stories that were both important and widely believed. It is not so anymore. If one spends any time in the company of left-wing elitists from our media or institutions of higher learning, one will soon realize that our Founding Fathers are being systematically attacked. The Founding Father's ideological stance on slavery, and their response to it, was at the best, ambivalent. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are white men's documents that the Founders never applied to their own slaves. The Founding Fathers did nothing about black slavery, nor did they intend to. Some history classes teach that the Founding Fathers were evil men and hypocrites. Many people have no interest in studying them, their times, or their principles, because some of them were slaveholders. The Founding Fathers believed blacks were inferior, claiming that they were only three-fifths of a person; they were racists who were wrong in profiting from slavery. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall said America "was defective from the start". Because they allowed black slavery to exist, our nation's dedication to liberty and human equality are called in to question. Whatever the reasons, whether to correct the excesses in the older views or to scar the reputation of anyone possibly tainted by racism, some have created a new image of the Founding Fathers which is not very pretty.Black slavery is a tragic, sad chapter in the history of our country, and we must acknowledge it. The Fathers acknowledged slavery, and they compromised with it. They saw no means of eliminating it in their lifetime. By doing this they set the stage for every generation of Americans, even now, to apologize and to compromise and explain away the principles of liberty that were supposed to be the foundations of our existence.They were men like all of us. How many of us are able to rise above our times and circumstances to accomplish all we know...

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