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Rabies Prevention Essay

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Rabies Prevention

This writing is mainly about the vaccines or the products that can be used to prevent Rabies. Its states the names of a couple of vaccines such as preexposure phophylaxis and Rabies immune globulin. And it explain how each of them work or what they do. It names some kinds of people who are at daily exposure or at risk of obtaining Rabies. It also says who long the Rabies immune globulin has effect.
Rabies is a very dangerous thing once you get it, because once you get the symptoms for
Rabies there is nothing anyone can do about it. There just isn’t any treatment after the
symptoms have shown. But just a couple of years ago scientists made a vaccine that can
cause immunity after it is given to the patients. There is two different periods it can be
used. One is used before the person gets Rabies and the other is used while the person
already has Rabies. The one that is used before the person has Rabies is called
Preexposure prophylaxis. And the one that ...view middle of the document...

though some people feel secure after receiving the preexposure vaccination, its good for
them to know that bu using this vaccination it doesn’t eliminate the need fore different
medication but it helps by eliminating the need for Rabies immune globulin reducing the
doses needed of this vaccination. The vaccines can help by causing immunity in a
person whose postexposure might be delayed. And by providing protection from
exposure to Rabies. In the United States there is two types of immunizing product against
Rabies. One of them is the rabies vaccines which gives the body an active response that
produces neutralizing antibodies. And the other is Rabies immune globuling (RIG)
which even though it provides a quick immunizing result it is estimated to last 19-21 days
which is a very short period of time with the effect. So in order for people to be
somewhat safe against Rabies they must get Preexposure prophylaxis vaccine and stay
away from animals might think are rabid. If by any chance you were vaccinated and
bitten by a rabid animal o maybe came in contact with a rabid animal ‘s saliva you have
wash the place that was infested as best as you can to prevent any wrong doings to your
body. The cost for disease defection, prevention and control is extremely high, it exceeds
$300 million annually. These cost include vaccination of companion animals, animal
control programs, maintenance of Rabies laboratories and medical costs just like for the
Rabies vaccines. So as you can see the prices for the medication products against Rabies
are very high. Yet try to prevent yourself from obtaining Rabies because now-a-days
there is too little immunizing or treatment products to depend on.

Rabies prevention (online)-
Host target for Rabies (online article)- F.T. Satalowich, DVM, MSPH
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri-Columbia
Missouri Department of Health
J.L. Floss, DVM, MS

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