Race In Obamas America Essay

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Race in Obama’s America
Axel Bevort – 2.b

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In the first text, Yolanda Young, a lawyer and columnist for USA Today, reflects on how she experienced what she calls “a cultural paradigm shift”(line 7) first-hand. She begins by writing that for twenty years, she walked the streets of Washington D.C. virtually unnoticed by its white citizens. This all changes when Barack Obama was elected in November 2008 and his wife becomes the First Lady Of The United States. Young starts receiving regular compliments on her looks, such as “You’re so pretty. You look like Michelle Obama” (line 5). Due to a change in presidency, racial equality between the black and white races will no longer ...view middle of the document...

S., the racial situation between blacks and whites remains grim. Holder explains that this is due to the fact that “we must feel comfortable enough with one another.... to have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us” (line 17). Unfortunately, this remains a taboo subject. He believes that it is America’s ”duty and solemn obligation” to unite the nation as one. It saddens him to think that on non-working days, when the various races of people that are usually gathered in a place of work are free from work, people are once again divided into their own racial groups with “no significant interaction between” (line 31) them.

In the third text, Walter Backstrom, a black columnist, expresses his frustration and discontent towards what he calls ”racial obsession” in the U.S. He starts off by recounting an episode in a kindergarten where he was shown one of their books, which spoke about slavery in the U.S, triggering his “blood pressure”(line 3) to spike. Instead of teaching “ABC’s and colours”(line 7), young white children are taught to ”feel guilty and black people feel like victims” (line 5). Backstrom finds this extremely foolish and explains it is a direct result of the combination of “white guilt and black victimhood” (line 9). Whenever there are disagreements between black and people, regardless of subject or matter, it turns into a racist dispute. Backstrom also describes an event in which he was having lunch with a white friend who asked him a “silly-ass question”(line 26) about why black men don’t smile more. This proves that people still remain prejudiced...

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