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Racial And Ethinic Groups Essay

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Racial and Ethnic Groups
Week 3, Day 7
Danielle Jackson

The ethnic groups that I belong to are German, Russian and Ukrainian. The group that I identify most with would be German.
Germans began immigrating to America in 1709. The reasons were not the same as with other countries. The reasons the German’s immigrated to the United States of America were quite different. Unlike most immigrants, German immigrants did not immigrate for political reasons. In fact, the country was repeatedly being attacked by armies of various nationalities. Inhabitants of the southwestern part, especially, were constantly robbed and tortured. Entire villages were often burnt down and ...view middle of the document...

Because the enemy was Germany all German males living in America during that time were rounded up and had their citizenship revoked. All other German’s coming into America via Ellis Island in New York were detained until further notice and not granted citizenship until many years after the war was over.
Germans who came to America and became alien citizens were affected by some forms of the dual labor market. The group as a whole worked to start their own business’s in their specialties and at the same time many of them had to work secondary jobs in factories, or other menial jobs for extra income. They were very hard workers however and succeeded at any work form they did. Because the Germans were considered “white” they did not face many, if any at all, environmental justice issues. Lower income groups such as African Americans did face some for of environmental justice issues with housing and many other aspects in America. For those Germans that immigrated to America, during that time that they immigrated there wasn’t affirmative action. The Germans as a group did not believe in “free” hand outs. They worked for what was theirs and kept to themselves. German’s did not face redlining, except during World War 1, because they were considered white. During the war however, the Germans were one of the groups that did face some forms of redlining because they were considered alien enemies. They would not get fair treatment anywhere they went and found that they had to remain isolated with other Germans to survive. In Germany, the...

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