Racial Discrimination Essay

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What Brent Staples and Vanessa Baffoe experience may not be entirely based on racism. This isn’t to say that racism and discrimination don’t’ exist. Racism and discrimination are in some instances, misunderstood, and exaggerated like a white person many disrespectfully speak and react towards a black person or any other minority group. “Black Men and Public Spaces”, Brent Staples provides a valuable which long-standing stereotyping about what it means being an African-American in 1960s and he expresses his shock and fear upon discovering that as a black man of large of stature. Staples’ view of himself its consistent with stereotypes and he convinces the readers that he’s anything but ...view middle of the document...

He grew up as one of the good boys and although [he] saw countless tough guys locked away; [he] has since buried several, too (257) But he didn’t grow up like those guys. He’s actually a very educated black man. Nobody is immune from the emphasis that is put on equality and diversity. Now there are so many laws put in place in a bid to stop discrimination of any kind- be it against race, religion, and gender. Discrimination happens in everywhere on the world like Vanessa Baffoe wrote in New African “it many be racial discrimination like other forms still exists in Britain today. In many ways, what has happened is that discrimination has become extremely subtle. With all the news laws, it has now take on a new appearance, almost like it has put on a mask, and slowly morphed into an unspoken code” (88) “These days, rarely will anybody hurl racial insults directly at you. Instead they will refuse to pronounce your surname properly, even after working together with you for a long time” (88) It’s obvious the common sense standard of respecting people who they are as individuals and for the contributions they bring to the tables, as opposed to judging them on where they come from, has failed to show its face, even after so many year. A society as culturally diverse as the one we live in, you would think that people would learn to be more accepting of others. Nevertheless, there are still those who simply cannot.
In “Black Men and Public Spaces”, Brent used the stereotyping and the fear that others had of him to take precautions to make himself “less threatening.” He tends to also whistle melodies from Beethoven and Vavaldi and other popular classical composers. It tends to make people around him not feel as uptight about...

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