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Racial Inequalities Essay

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Racial Inequalities


Symbolic interactionism developed as a sociological theory from the work of American

philosophies, especially George Herbert Mead (1863-1931). Mead’s major contribution

was the concept of ‘self’ as essential to the process of becoming a human being (Meade,

1992) . Social interaction takes place through symbols, including language. Symbols are

created by humans to refer to the ways in which objects and events are perceived rather

than to their intrinsic nature. Mead’s student, Herbert Blumer systematically developed

the theory and named it in 1937. (Wikipedia, Herbert Blumer, Symbolic Interaction) It

developed separately ...view middle of the document...

Pay attention to
what you see and hear versus what you don't see and hear. Note the surroundings, and
make your own comparisons. Look around the bank, the office, the shop, the restaurant,
the neighborhood, your church, and schools. Go visit the courthouse when court is in
session. Visit the jailhouse. Poke your head in the door at the local precinct. Listen to a
police scanner. Note what you see and don't see. Note your experience for a week or so,
paying particular attention racial comparisons. Note equality and inequality. Be honest
with yourself. Then, spend a few hours gathering unbiased information so you know
what's being represented as the truth. Next, try to verify that information with
government statistics, and your own eyes. Don't listen to the opinions of ANYONE who
hasn't done what you have just done.

It would be one instance if violent attacks or acts of ignorance were random but when

you have individuals hiring because of a persons color and not there educational status or

job related experience then you have racism. When you have individuals hanging nooses

from trees in school yards then you have racism. When there are slurs in relation to your

ethnicity harshly belted out at you from across a crowded street then you have racism.

There is honestly no way to hide from this truth. You would need to be as an infant

bundled up in your own little world to not see these social injustices. This in concurrence

with unfair housing, employment discrimination, and status deterioration due to an

individuals color is unmistakably oppressive and can tear at a people's individual core

making them violent,...

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