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Racial Tensions In New England Essay

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Historical fiction, generally, exposes readers to a historic event through a new lens—often from a first-person perspective. The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, by M.T. Anderson, does a remarkable job illustrating a unique, though fictional, perspective of the revolution in New England through the eyes of an experiment: Octavian Nothing. While written with an adolescent audience in mind, Octavian Nothing offers great insight to the transitional period between racial attitudes in American society for all readers. Through the narrative, readers uncover a raw illustration of the evolution of historical prejudices and tensions in New England—specifically, pertaining to the usages and ...view middle of the document...

In sharp contrast to Equiano, Octavian seems to be quite aware of the other slaves around him—especially after it is made clear that he is, indeed, a slave. Not only does Octavian cling tightly to the comfort of his mother as he chooses not to run away unless she can also come, but Octavian acknowledges the worth of slaves like Bono. Octavian relies quite heavily on Bono as a form of stability and strength, especially after his mother dies. While this discrepancy might be cast as a weakness in the novel as it does not accurately portray slave-to-slave relationships, it is more feasible to consider the exceptionality of Equiano. Equiano was not a typical slave. He held the regard of many white owners as he acquired several letters of recommendation throughout the narrative. Furthermore, Equiano did not have close family to worry about and only seemed to develop relationships with white people on the ships—like the captain. Octavian, it seems, depicts a more typical domestic slave than Equiano. Octavian’s stubbornness and frustration seems to be aligned with the emotions of many of the other slaves Equiano describes.
Equiano addresses the issue of slavery by sharing exemplar atrocities; however, it is the commentary on these stories that yields a relevant depiction of prevalent ideas about slavery during the New England revolution. In observing the harsh conditions of slaves’ lifestyles in Barbados, whose “whole term of…life may be said to be there but sixteen years! And yet the climate here is in every respect the same as that from which they are taken, except in being more wholesome” (Equiano 106), Equiano condemns the treatment of slaves and notes that men work better free than as slaves. The countless encounters Equiano has with violent slave owners, and even “Negroes whose business it is to flog slaves” (Equiano 171), demonstrates the frequency of the events described in Octavian Nothing while under the discretion of traditionally prejudiced whites, like Mr. Sharpe and Lord Cheldthorpe. Anderson seems to draw inspiration for the punishments used on Octavian and his mother from descriptions like those in Equiano’s narrative. In the first instance of Octavian being severely punished, Octavian and his mother are “lashed to the horse-post…exposed…whipping us with rods” to the point where his mother vomits and is “whipped one last stroke” so that “she buckled and fell to her knees” (Anderson 109-110). Clearly, the punishment is not merely a form of chiding for assaulting Lord Cheldthorpe, but an attempt to completely subdue and break any trace of will power. Quite remarkably, through this horrific scene of punishment, readers are still allowed to see the transition from this hierarchical society to a more racially tolerant society. It might be expected that Equiano show sympathy for another slave being beaten, but in Octavian Nothing, Mr. Gitney shows frustration as “Mr. 03-01 liked the whole thing not a it, and frowned” (Anderson 110). While not...

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