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Racism In Modern Times Essay

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Mallory Farthing
Lesson 09 Application Paper
SOC 111: Introduction to Sociology
January 1, 2011
Racism in Present Times
Racism is a sensitive subject with many people in our society today. Everyone seems to believe that they were wrong at one time or another because of their race, and maybe that is the case. Though racism has lessen quite a bit in America, it still exists, and makes itself known in several acts across this great nation. I will discuss the events of affirmative action, TSA profiling, and Minuteman border, and discuss whether or not they are examples of racism.
Affirmative action is also widely known as “positive discrimination” but nonetheless, it is discrimination. I strongly believe that race should be left out of job applications all together. The person that should be hired is the most qualified, ...view middle of the document...

It is true that the 9/11 attacks have forever changed airport security. It is also true that the people responsible for these devastating attacks were of a certain ethnic group. Just because these people were Middle-Eastern does not make it okay to profile all Middle-Easterners in an airport by TSA profiling. This is a classic example of racism. I think it is important to do a random sample, instead of picking and choosing who will do a full body scan. There have been so many white people responsible for bombings, and public shootings, but security does not check every white person before they come into a public school, park or concert. This unfair treatment of Middle-Eastern people is both disgusting, and unacceptable.
American borders are set up to keep immigrant from coming through illegally. I cannot deny that this act is wrong, and they should strive to get their citizenship legally. I do not think that it is the right of random citizens, to take the law upon themselves. It is not a civil duty, it is not their property, and it is not appropriate. When someone sees a law being broken, they are to call the police. Since they are not in harm’s way, nor being attacked, they have no right to defend anything. Many of these men are probably thinking that they are doing the right thing, but didn’t the 9/11 terrorists? Didn’t they think they were getting rid of a problem? What makes their cause more than that of other men who take the law in their own hands?
Heavenly Father loves all of his children. I think the more we steer away from God as a nation, the more we separate in hatred for one another. It is so important that we strive to be better than our fathers. Racism is slowly, but steadily falling, and we are making so many good connections with people that we have never been able to do before. We are all brothers and sisters through him. It’s about time we started acting that way.

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