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Racism In Sport Essay

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DISCUSSION: Race, Racism and Sport -- The myth of the superiority of the Black male athlete

The prompt to this discussion dictates I articulate why the “common sense” notion that African-Americans dominate sports is false. Excuse me for playing the devil’s advocate, and hopefully I do not lose points for disregarding the instructions, but after reading the chapter I see things differently and an important point needs to be made. If anything, I am inclined to argue Coakley’s hypothesis, along with the other research and history included therein, does more to reinforce the idea that African-Americans dominate sports than it does to discredit the notion that has developed into a ...view middle of the document...

Now shift your attention to the other categories above, management and executive positions. The numbers speak for themselves. Here we can see where the field of play, or roster spots, are dominated by African-American athletes. Lets take a look at the other American sports leagues and check out the findings of the study.

As we turn our attention to the NFL—the professional league for the sport Coakley describes as, “most commonly associated with the American identity,”— the margin is not quite as large in terms of roster spots. But, interestingly, NFL coaches are much more overwhelmingly white than their NBA counterparts. Again, notice the other two categories. Lastly, we will take a look at Major League Baseball

The MLB has a large Latino population, with African-Americans being very underrepresented in comparison to the other two major American sports leagues. When it comes to the managers, again, similar to their coaching counterparts in the NFL, African-Americans are very underrepresented. While the...

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