Racism: The Root Of All Evil

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Racism is a topic that several do not like to discuss due many different scenarios. People, cultures, and beliefs have been torture¬d from past events. Individuals, young and old, within today’s society have experienced racism in some shape or form. The subject of racism is something that people view differently. There are some who view it as okay, and those who are against it. The beginning of racism began during the time of the ancient civilizations which lead to events that caused short term effects such as the depression of those hurt by the September 11, 2001 attacks, and long term effects like Jewish mistreatment. The explanation of while different events happened are hard to come ...view middle of the document...

The events and effects after have changed the world.
The unified state of Spain in 1492, signed the Edict of Expulsion which gave the Jews two choices in their state: baptism or deportation. They controlled their land and did not believe in the beliefs of the Jewish. Expected numbers of 70,000 Jews were baptized to Christianity while 50,000 fled to the Ottoman Empire and the final 80,000 crossed the border into Portugal. Because of their different beliefs, they were given two choices, one which was not to stay with their philosophies. This event had effects for a long period a time, which eventually lead to more events. The Spanish state of Spain followed the unified state seven years later and gave the Jews there, the same options. Once again, the Jews had two choices, none of which they wanted. On November 1, 1911 the first bomb was dropped from an aircraft that hit Northern Africa by Italian military forces. This was one of the beginnings of WWII. Although WWII focused many different problems, the Holocaust is arguably the biggest of them all. The Soviet Union was kidnapping Jews, putting them in concentration camps, and began slaughtering them. The Jews once again, have been tortured and treated in ways they should not have experienced. In a ___ year span, the Jewish were tortured by four different groups of people. To this day, they are still are still involved in multiple discussions.
The Holocaust, one of the largest genocides of all time, was “systematic” to kill “over six million Jews, ‘Gypsies’, homosexuals, Slavs, Poles, Communists, and others.” Many things lead to the cause of the Holocaust, but a major one, was racism. Adolf Hitler, the man behind the Holocaust, felt that Jews were full of germs and vermin. He specifically ruled out the Jews and showed his dislike towards them. He led his men to “physical acts of violence” and “tortured” the Jews. Those who disagreed with these events and actions were still able to live their life normally, “enjoying their family and friends, having affairs, and celebrating Christmas.” Genocides are acts of terror, discrimination, and acts that should never occur. They occur because of an individual’s hatred towards a specific group of people. They cause a large amount of deaths which leads to sadness by others who care toward them. In the example of the Holocaust, those who were allowed to live and disagreed with the actions of Hitler, felt sorrow towards the millions of Jews who were killed. These individuals had to deal with their sadness and live with it, in a sad manner.
The European Colonialism changed the way Indians live within the Americas. When Christopher Columbus and his men got to the “new world” they saw the Indians as they wanted to see them. Instead, Columbus told them who they really are. He ignored the names of the land they occupied and preceded to give them names of his choosing. This lead to a long term effect because as new settlers came to the “new world” they...

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