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Technology has a significant role in today’s world. It can also affect many peoples’ lives. It makes life easier and more efficient. However in today’s world, there are some who have considered about the danger it may cause. People have started destroying our environment by using destructive weapons to defeat and lead with possession. There is dangerous equipment which had been manufactured throughout the world. Nuclear weapon is one of the most destructive weapons ever made which could really destroy the world in just a moment. It can cause a big effect in our lives as well to our environment. Radiation is an environmental hazard that people tend to ...view middle of the document...

This had cause a death of New York City patient which became long news. This show radiation accidents and how new technology does contributed to those accidents. Same case as what happened to Japan. Japan is one of the countries that encounter that usually face extreme disaster. The increasing problem at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant due to earthquake and tsunami had alert many people. It makes the people aware regarding with the harm it may cause to their health. The Nuclear disaster was caused by equipment failures at Fukushima nuclear power plant. It released radioactive chemicals which has a bad effect on the human body. A great amount single dose of radiation which gained within minutes can be more dangerous than the same dosage acquired over time. According to a study, even one single-sievert dose can cause little radiation exposure and lower white blood cell while one five-sieverts dose would likely kill half of those exposed within a month. The amount of 10 sieverts can cause death within few weeks. This is the main reason behind radiation sickness in Japan. Many people living in Fukushima was forced to move out because of...

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