Radiation Protection Among Patients And Staff In The Imaging Department

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Operational definition 5
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1.0 Introduction 6
1.1 Broad objective 6
1.2 Specific Objectives 6
1.3 Problem Statement 6
1.4 Research Question 7
1.6 Study Justification 8
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This dissertation is dedicated to my loving two aunts Sarah and Scholastica together with my mum MaryGorret, for their continuous love and support throughout my life and the far I have made it to. For the many sleepless nights and sacrifices that they have had to endure for my success; may GOD abundantly bless you all and I cherish you.

List of abbreviation

RPA- Radiation Protection Act
WHO- World Health Organization
CT- Computed Tomography
MRI- Magnetic Resonance Imaging
KNH- Kenyatta National Hospital
NQF- National Quality Forum
SID- Source Image Distance
KMTC-Kenya Medical Training College
ICRP-International Commission on Radiation Protection
UON-University of Nairobi
KVp-Kilo voltage Peak
mAs-Milliampere per second

Operational definition

Beam limiting devices-
Kilo voltage peak-
Milliampere per second-
Radiation protection-

Chapter 1
1.0 Introduction
The purpose of this chapter is to introduce all the research details. It contains a clear statement of the problem and the objectives of the researcher are also laid here.
1.1 Broad objective
To assess the level------ of radiation protection among patients and staff in the imaging department at the Kenyatta National Hospital.
1.2 Specific Objectives
1. To determine the practices of radiation protection by the radiographers in the imaging department at the KNH.
2. To determine the principles of radiation protection employed in the imaging department at the KNH.
3. To determine the level of knowledge on radiation protection among patients undergoing examinations in the imaging department at the KNH.
1.3 Problem Statement
According to the Radiation Protection Act(RPA)-Chapter 2,Section 1(Art.8&9)- Art 8 is about justification of radiation exposure which states: An activity that involves the exposure of people or the environment to ionizing radiation may only be carried out if it can be justified in terms of the associated benefits or risks..
There has been an initiative in determining the level of radiation protection in the imaging department in order to have a basis on to which protection from the harmful radiation is offered to both the patients and the staff.
In conjunction to radiation protection there’re various principles that provide effective radiation protection.
However, x-rays have very long term effects to the people (in this case are the patients) and the environment. At the Kenyatta National Hospital, I have identified that there remedial measures put in place in...

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