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Case Analysis
Radio Shack International

The case study focuses on Charles D. Tandy, owner of the Radio Shack International, the leading merchandiser of amateur electric gear in the United States. Considering the success of their operations in U.S, Charles Tandy exercised the same approach and applied it with their European operations. Unlike the success of their U.S operations, their European operations achieved completely different result wherein the latter incurred a loss of $21 million. Despite those losses Charles Tandy believed that his strategy will work, and predicted that in two years their operations will be profitable.

Time Context:
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Second they are unfamiliar of the culture, the way of life, and buying behaviors of Europeans. Lastly, the market there is highly competitive.

V. a. Alternative Courses of Action
• Quality Function Deployment
• Benchmarking
• Root Cause Analysis

b. Analysis
• Quality Function Deployment

o Advantages:
 Generates specific technical requirements
 Requirements are traceable
 Follows a repeatable, quantitative process
 Records rational for each technical requirement
 Effectively translates voice of customers

o Disadvantages:
 Time-consuming process
 Data storage, manipulation and maintenance costs
 Very dependent on customer requirements
 Inflexible to changing requirements, must recalculate

• Benchmarking

o Advantages:
 Benchmarking brings out the newness and innovative ways of managing operations.
 It is an effective team building tool.
 It has increased general awareness of costs and performance of products and services in relation to those of competitor organizations.
 It brings together all the divisions and helps to develop a common front for facing competition.
 It highlights the importance of employee involvement and, as such, encourages recognition of individual/team efforts.

o Disadvantages:
 Reveals the standards attained by competitors but does not consider the circumstances under which the competitors attained such standards
 Danger of complacency and arrogance
 Time Consuming and requires budget
 Difficult in the case of acquiring cooperation from other organizations to allow the business to use them as a platform for analysis

• Root Cause...

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