Raid Structures Essay

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Casundra Gilder
Southern New Hampshire University
July 18, 2013

Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks (RAIDs) are used to address performance and reliability of disks. RAIDs are just a large number of inexpensive disks that can be linked together to create one single large storage space that offers better performance, reliability and storage capacity for older systems. RAIDs have become more popular over the years and increasing common with end user systems. There are many levels of RAIDs that are in existence today.

With the creation of RAIDs, more computer systems have become better as far as increased performance ...view middle of the document...

When you write to a mirrored pair of disk drives, the data is written to both of the disks at the same time. When you read data the data is taken from one hard of the two drives. If a drive had a RAID level 1 in use, then you can pair the drive to handle twice as much data than you would a single disk drive. This is the main reason RAID level 1 is the choice for high end applications. RAID level 1 contains a minimum of 2 disks, provides good performance and no parity or stripping, and is excellent when it comes to redundancy. There is a disadvantage to RAID level 1. The required disk space is going to be twice the disk space you will have to install.
RAID level 5 uses parity and would not be considered good for a high read/write environment. The disadvantage to using RAID level 5 is a performance issue which is not really worth it. If you lose one drive, you can recreate it, but if you lose a second drive during recreation, there is a chance that you may lose all of your data stored on it. RAID level 5 contains a minimum of 3 disks, provides good performance and redundancy, and is cost effective.
Depending on which version of RAID is used, RAIDs provide systems with many benefits. Most end users will use RAID 0 for better increased performance without the loss of storage space. Over the years, redundancy...

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