Raising Students’ Security Through The Additional Installation Of Surveillance Cameras In Ceu Manila

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An Undergraduate Research Proposal
Presented to
the School of Accountancy and Management
Centro Escolar University Manila

In Partial Fulfilment
of the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management


Caisip, Gillian M. Reyes, Narciso Dean I.
Cruz, Eduard S. Romano, Joycebee S,
De Guzman, Joemar T. Santos, Hannallee U.
Dela Paz, Abigail H. Soledad, Justine A.
Manzano, ArbieLyn Torrecampo, Kristian Paul D.J.

October 2012


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Protecting the students at school is a top concern to many parents, teachers and school administrators. Incidences of violence, truancy, drug deals, theft and defacement of school property occur in some form in every school campuses. The many advantages to adding camera surveillance to school interiors and exteriors far outweigh any disadvantages. With this plan in our mind, we would like to raise the students’ security through the additional installation of surveillance cameras in CEU Manila.

3. Background of Proposal
Many school administrators today seeks to make their school’s vicinity safe and secured from crimes such as theft, kidnapping, rape cases and others like gang fights and extreme bullying of students. They pursue this by considering installing 24-hour surveillance cameras within and outside the campus perimeter. What’s the urgency? It is simply because crimes in the Metro Manila are yearly increasing and it isn’t safe anymore to walk even in near-school places.
According to the “Philippines Monthly Crime Report – October 2011” of the Pacific Strategies & Assessments, it is said that the total index crime of Metro Manila increased by 3% in October. The index of crimes includes theft, kidnapping, assault and rape.
As students, these facts encouraged the researchers to pursue their proposal in raising CEU students’ safety through improving the campus surveillance cameras. In this manner, the researchers believe that school crimes and other student-related disturbances would be lessened.

4. Benefits of the Proposal
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems have made tremendous technological progress in the last decade, not only in individual capabilities, but also in the ability to interface with other security technology. Here are the benefits of installing and improving the surveillance cameras in school:
5.6 General Safety and Security
Investment in surveillance camera systems by school districts ensures parents and guardians that the general safety and security of students are being addressed during schools hours and at all after-school extracurricular activities and programs.
5.7 Crime Deterrent
The presence of highly visible surveillance cameras at strategic locations in buildings and public areas/premises of a school property prevents theft, vandalism and acts as a deterrent to thieves and criminals from indulging in illegal activities.

5.8 Sexual Predators
One of the biggest threats that student face is the threat of sexual predators and pedophiles hanging around unobtrusively on school campuses or in parking lots. Camera systems' footage is very useful in tracking down predators or helping inform police about threatening situations in real time.
5.9 Prevent Bullying
New-generation surveillance camera systems have audio, voice and sound capturing capabilities. Teenagers bullying or harassing other students can be disciplined based on video and audio...

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