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Random Illegal Drug Testing Among High School Students

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Using illegal drugs has been problem affecting different age levels. People use illegal drugs for so many different reasons. Even high school students do drugs in order to enhance their performance in academic, athletic, or extracurricular activities. Although not every high school student uses drugs to modify student’s skills, this ill-defined drug use in high school bring up the question whether to do random testing among high school students. People have different views on random testing. Some people might prefer random testing among high school students, while others say there should not be such a test for drug use. Viewing at two different sides, people might wonder which ...view middle of the document...

Shamoo and Moreno state in their research that Tallmadge points out Oregon state district court decided to do mandatory drug testing for high school athletes (26). The Oregon state district court decision showed the need for the high schools to test students randomly. Many people might be affected by the Oregon state court decision on random drug tests. While others have no effects on random drug tests regardless what the court decision was. In the article “The curious rejection of drug testing by American schools” it states, “Objective analysts makes tough decisions because they believe school drug testing is unauthorized” (Jacobs, 13). This quote argues against mandatory drug testing because it is unconstitutional. Random drug tests are usually used as valid poll data to recognize people who did not report their use of drugs.
Suspicion based tests are used based on student’s behavior. For many people, suspicion based drug tests can be very attractive because they are recognized as an objective way of detecting student illicit drug use. Yamaguchi states in his article, “The most common reason for drug testing was for cause or suspicion” (162). People might say reason for suspicion based tests is the easiness of recognizing one’s drug use. For example, people can catch students who use drugs based on the weird qualities of students’ behavior. It is still a big issue whether the suspicion based tests are biased or not. Unfairness on suspicion based tests seems to exist in our society because judging drug use solely on people’s behavior is injustice. For instance, I was so happy because I got A on my rhetoric paper. So without taking any drugs I acted little different than I usually did, but the policeman caught me on the street because of my weird action. Although my behavior was abnormal, getting caught by policeman would not be fair. From my example, it is easy to say that the policeman used unfair treatment to catch me. More biased examples include race, gender, and age, which all are serious problems in our society.
Everyone should remember that their rights for the random drug might not be protected because taking a random drug test is depending on the school. Even though the US Supreme Court decided to have random testing in high schools, students have the right not to take random testing. Even some out going students can protest against the governments’ random drug policy. However, if students are not taking random drug tests, they are not able to participate in any activities in school. So it is a good idea that students take the random test and enjoy their school activities as much as they can.
According to Louria’s article, the Fourth Amendment states people should have rights to be secure against unreasonable searches (35). Even though the Fourth Amendment says people have rights to be secure at any time, there are some arguments about people’s rights. Although the Fourth Amendment says people have rights to be secure, people’s...

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