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Random Thoughts On Translation Essay

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Random Thoughts on Translation
As we expected, the course of General Introduction to Translation is designed to offer us a framework on how translation is about. To be a translator, it is necessary to equip with basic theory foundation in this field, then gradually build our translation practice onto it. This is exactly what theories are used for. Moreover, it is the theories we bear in mind that can tell us from other machine-like translators. The more practice we have, the more vital we find the theories are. Without them, we may be left to the situation that several times as much as practice is needed to form our translation method, standard, and style. Besides, scattered practices indicate much lower efficiency. There was an experiment carried by ...view middle of the document...

As we all know, one semester is far from adequate for us to contact all the branches and the unique views from so many wordsmiths. In addition to the general introduction of them, I hope we can get more examples on how these masters apply their theories in their works. Some commence on their translation segments or some comparing are preferable. In this way, we can easily gain a direct and detailed impression on their theories.
Besides, with the advent of internet, which can be regarded as one crucial part of our modern life, translation tools used in computer and web sources may play a more and more important role in our translation process. Especially after I took some translation task outside school, I realize that most experienced translators are handling their work with the help of translation software such as Trados, Lingoes, Babylon and so on. As a professional translator in the new era, it is essential for us to command these tools. Therefore, I recommend Ms. Tao to give more detailed introduction on this topic.
The most impressive point of this course is that Ms. Tao arranged us to give presentation in turn according to her class topic that week. I appreciate this teaching method for during our preparation work, we have to look for all kinds of materials on this topic and meanwhile gain a better understanding it. To the rest of the classmates, they will have access to more fresh information in various forms such as our humorous address, funny video, colorful pictures, visualized charts and data on the topic which derived from multi-angles. What’s more, they may also provide us with precious ideas and questions from students’ perspective, which differ from those of teachers. But the time limit should be reinforced so as not to interrupt the content of lecture given by the teacher.

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