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Around us, around you.
I wonder why every time I watch Japanese Anime, that most likely related to the world around us, behind the conspiracy, the one-eyed man, Dark Triangle or someone who want themselves wish to become God and accepted by everyone. I wonder how they know everything and anything around the world that many people didn’t aware of. It is not like I idolized and expected too much about Japanese awareness. It is not like I dislike them the way they are. It is not like I went to racist to any kind of society or people. But, I wonder why and how this world has its own moving with the hold of the power of the mankind hand.
I wonder why many people enjoy, suffer, smile, cry and self-hating and blaming. While many people ...view middle of the document...

I want to learn those moral and positive and negative what is in that Anime. I watch these not just for entertainment purpose only, I watch these to learn and THINK what are human is and what are they doing with many weird and destruction. Learn and think.
I just realize human are the weirdest in this world than any other living things. It sure is weird. However, human including me didn’t want to become weird and didn’t want to face reality. This is me, this is me, typing such nonsense topic, and this is me, this is me, typing such nonsense topic, I am very glad I can think like these, I feels sad for what I am and others doing, I proud of myself and others as a human, I felt sad with our ugliness, but I feel glad I was created and others with the greatest love from the Creator.
And yet I and others do various things in the world with the influence of the Fire. I’m glad I can think like, I am very glad I can type and aware about this. If not by the love surround us, we, human won’t be created to this very existing place. I’m glad I know about infinity.
It is like human, we are one are created from nothing to existing.
As a conclusion, we are created with the great love around us. We are being protected by some great will we never know. However, we easily forgetting what we had really done and we are easily drunk by this enjoyment and luxurious about this world.
This is just a random topic I type and I still think and think and thinks, why and why and why I, as a human has think like these and what can I do for the sake of humanity even I am small people. I always think and wonder how and why.

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