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Personal Rationale of Counseling

It is a bit challenging to provide a good comprehensive definition of counseling even by most counseling professionals. This has made different associations and individual try and come with definitions that try to cover this vital area compressively. The British Association for counseling was among the first professional association to acclimate the definition of professional counseling in the world. They publish their definition in 1986 putting it as the skilled and principled use of relationship to facilitate emotional acceptance, self-knowledge, of personal resources and growth. The aim is to provide a chance ...view middle of the document...

People usually go through different transitions in life. When sudden changes occur to unprepared people, it leaves them devastated and lost. The aim of counselling is to help people go through those difficult or discouraging transitions in life. Another aim is to help people talk about thoughts and emotions that they have never talked about before. This helps in bringing a relief to the involved people. By this, it helps people face the realities life and stop avoiding it making them move forward forgetting what is unnecessary.
To bring change into a person’s life is a process that involves a lot of steps and considerations. For one to achieve total change, one has to consider the cause of the problem before he treats it. Counselling gives a heads start in defining some problems which may have started as a snowball. It helps include exploring the dynamics for one’s personality and maintain cycles that define how to recreate situations. The counsellor does this by helping one know what is reactive, in his control and what can work in your life. This includes the meanings one has made in his life, exploring your feelings, the perception one have on what matters, beliefs, dreams, aspirations, imaginations and values.
After knowing the cause for the problem, counselling then helps the patient to discover and explore the hindrances that are there in his life. Discovering the hindrances helps one to achieve full control of his life and hence achieve complete change. Counselling helps one explore hindrances that he was not even aware of as well as those that are clear. With a fresh insight, one can understand life in another way and in the process, a new meaning may emerge.
Counselling helps in change of attitude to word things and people it gives one a positive attitude. It helps one realise that some problem may never go away, but the attitude to them and the relationship that we establish with them are the one which should change. Feeling better and defining a new meaning makes the problem feel less dominating.
The main reason why clients go to therapy sessions is to get a solution to their problem whether it exists or not. The counsellor has to define a way to satisfy these needs of the customer otherwise there will be no reason to have the session. However, it is vital for the client and the counsellor to appreciate that some things cannot be changed. This is vital when counselling people suffering from incurable diseases or physical illness. In such circumstances, the counsellor helps the patient to come to terms with reality and find a way to explore ways of coping.
Problem solving helps patients in changing something from the current state to something that is close to what they desire. Counselling helps in managing information in the patient’s mind by trying to change it to be positive. The counsellor helps the client to identify the problem first. The counsellor does this by letting the patient “talk out” his mind,...

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