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yo it's pick what's up man. how's shit hanging on that side of the pond? Over here is the shit man, plain and simple! No Joke! To be honest when this is all over and my family moves back I think I'm staying right here. I love it here so much. The people here are so nice where ever you go exspecially the girls our age the only problem now is the language barrier. But that will all change: in time I'll be wooing girls with my sexy rolling of my r's and fine tastes of wine, and weed.Right now life is pretty easy for me i go to school 6 hours a day to learn french and then go skate (suckers!) No joke, the ...view middle of the document...

It looks so good and smells so good you want to eat it. It looks like it was covered in icing!!! But it's so potent and sticky that you have to mix tobacco with it other wise it just wont burn period. And to top it all off I just bought my brother and his friend a pound of dank.(2 franks a gram= 1 american dollar per gram of dank! it's insaine!!!! Alright stop drooling now and close your mouth and if your good and read the rest of the letter i just might send you some in the mail! But on the serious side of things the life over hear is the shit. I'm really having a good time learning french right now, it's a nice change of pace to say the least, and I find myself reaching out to learn everything i can cuz it's so interesting over hear. I definately want to share the experience with you. I think you'd enjoy it, excpecially once i can speak the language and get around better. So come this summer I am sending you a plane ticket to come visit, so start making plans now so you can come. And if everything is on track, which it is so far, I'll have my own place to chill. That way if you stayed for 2-4 weeks we could se alot of eourope for dirt cheap by staying in hostels. They only cost in the range of 10-40 swiss franc's and the exchange rate is something like 1.5 for an american bills, not bad.! And we'd just take the train to where ever, and it be very feasable, trust me...

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