Re Engineering Educational Administration For Quality Education In Nigeria

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Re-Engineering Educational Administration for Quality Education in Nigeria

Education has evolved in Nigeria even prior to amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorate in 1914. The most active period of the development however began from 1950 when the constituent part of the country (Northern, Eastern and Western region) became self-governing (Sambo, 2005). Following division of Nigeria into Northern, Eastern and Western regions when Richard’s constitution came to effect in 1947, Nigerians became the sole policy makers for the educational system. The three geo-political regions had ministry of education under the leadership of education ministers of education who ...view middle of the document...

At the above formative years, one major problem of education was that it was colonial in nature in that it was not tailored to the developmental needs of the country. Even in the University College at Ibadan, there were not faculty of law, engineering and economics as at 1963. This instance led to the Ashby Commissions of the post school certificate and higher education which recommended that technical streams should be created in many Nigeria post primary institutions from where students could acquire technical skills up to the level of city and guilds certificate of London. On the other hand, commercial education, which was higher than those available at the commercial school, should be left to the University institutions.
The Ashby report emphasized the significance of University programmes diversification in the University College of Ibadan and in any other University to be founded later in the country.
Between 1960 and 1970, University of Nigeria Nsukka, University of Ile Ife, Ahmadu
Bello University Zaria and University of Benin, Benin City were established. These solve the problem of lack of sufficient opportunities for higher education for qualified Nigerians. By the end of 1972/73 academic year, the student population had more than doubled the Ashby Commissions projection for 1980. The growth of Polytechnics and Colleges of Education was more phenomenal. Now each state has at least one NCE or University. This increase, as good as it is, has caused several adjustment in the structure of education and government allocation to Education.
Until 1984, the structure of Nigeria education system was 6 years of primary schools, 5 – 7 years of post primary schools (Secondary, Teacher Training College and sixth form) and 4 – 6 yrs of tertiary education (College of education, polytechnics, College of Technology and University education). From 1985, the structure that emanated can be classified thus, pre-primary or kindergarten education (2 – 3 yrs), for the children of ages 3 – 5 years the primary school which is of 6 years period for children of ages 6 – 11 yrs, the post primary education which is of 6 years duration but divided unto two halves (3 years of Junior Secondary School and 3 years of Senior Secondary School) and the 4 – 6 of tertiary education level.
One of the major studies in Nigerian education policy thrust was the public takeover of grant-in-aids schools in states and launching of Universal Primary Education (UPE) in 1976. The programme was not sustained due to frequent change n socio-economic and political conditions in the nation. However, the recent civilian government is trying to revive the policy of universal education of 1976, under the Universal Basic Education (UBE) scheme. Like other national policies on education, UBE has resulted to increased enrolment but the commitment of government could not sustain the policy drive because of the reintroduction of school fees.

Educational Reforms in Nigeria
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